Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back Living on the Sunshine Coast


Well I made it back from Sydney. I sat beside a man on the plane who liked to talk about music because he saw I was wearing shoes with music notes on them :)

So what did I do in my last few days in Sydney.....Thursday Elena and I caught the train in to the city for some shopping and a lot of walking. We stopped a nearly every tourist shop along the way I think. Then Elle picked up some painting supplies at a huge store called Dymox....i think. Then we went back to her place because she had soccer training that night.
Friday we caught the bus to Paramatta where Sara picked us up and we spent the morning at her moms house. That night we went out with Stelly. She took us to a park where we could look at the city when all the lights were on though it was gated all the way around. Anyways there was a section open when we got there but by the time we left it was locked so we had to squish though a section we could pull apart a bit. Then we went to get in the car and the main gate was locked as well. Fortunately there was a security guard leaving at the same time and he let us out. Then we went back to Stelly's house and had a little bonfire. Though we spent most of that time under umbrellas because it started to rain but our fire didn't go out so that is all that matters to my way of thinking :)
Saturday we went in to the city and went to markets.....i think it was Paddy's markets but I am not totally sure about that. Anyways we wandered around there for a while then we took a walk down to Darling Harbour before walking back to catch the bus.
Anyways that was pretty much a summary of my time in Sydney. Monday we spent the morning painting a huge canvas for Elle's room before catching the train to the airport.

I got back to the sunshine coast Monday night. Then Tuesday I packed up all my stuff and moved up to Flaxton and Phil and Fran's house. So yesterday I went to Montville for a little bit. Specifically to find a little shop and by the time I got there I forgot what the name was and couldn't find it.
Unfortunately I can't put any pictures up at the moment because they are all on my computer and there is no wireless internet. So if I have my laptop in a place where there is wireless I will upload some otherwise I will put them on when I get home.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shopping and Sydney

Hey Yas,

Well I am back in Sydney and staying with my friend Elena for a week. More on that later though since I should do this in order. I had a pretty awesome weekend....though it was a little chilly at times :)
Ezzy on the jumping castle at the show.

On Friday day night I went up to Phil and Frans with the kids. I got a huge king size bed all to myself!!! Anyways on Saturday we went to the Nambour Show and for any of you who have been to the Armstrong Fair it is a lot like that. We spent the day wandering around and taking the kids on rides and watching the wood chopping competition. Oh and they have these awesome show bags that are full of candy so we had a lot of yummy sugar that day. Then in the evening they had a little freestyle motor cross and the Toyota highlanders......not sure if that is the name. Anyways it was pretty much a little bit of stunt driving in little Toyota trucks. One of the guys drove around the whole arena on two wheels. There were also some really good fireworks that night.

I flew to Sydney on Sunday night after a yummy lunch on the beach. Monday Elena and I went to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters. It was a little foggy and very chilly but other then that it was really neat to see. I bought a little sign in the souvenir shop there that says 'no worries mate' that I thought was kind of cool. We wandered around the town there called Katoomba for a little while. Oh so I might have mentioned before that Australia is the country of roundabouts.....pretty much every intersection is a roundabout. Well in Katoomba we wanted to turn around so Elle was like we will just go all the way around the next roundabout. The problem was there wasn't one. We were very excited that we had finally found a place without them. Though as we drove home Elle remembered that there were two right as you drove in to the town. Only two in the whole town....that is pretty amazing.

The Three Sisters.
Yesterday Elle and I did a little shopping at a couple outlet factorys. Then she had training for soccer that night so I spent the evening by myself. Then when she got home we walked to the servo up the street and bought chips and candy then watched a movie before going to bed. This morning her friend Sara picked us up for a little fast shopping at the shops that are near by. We got some pretty awesome deals there. Elena has to work today so now I am on my own until she gets back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Sunny Day For A Change!!


Now I have to figure out where I left off...I should learn to do that before I start typing :) What have I done since May 30.......

My bedroom for the moment....

Well I don't remeber what I did last week except some sitting at the beach haha....I think it was Thusday that I went to the Plaza in the morning. I found a fathers day card which was very surprising since their fathers day isn't for another couple months. The lady started asking questions when I went to pay for it. I think she was a little confused :) After I left there I drove to Coolum Beach and bought a meat pie for lunch. The only problem was that it started raining and there was no where to sit. I walked along the boardwalk eating my pie (which is very messy) until I found a place to sit that was covered. I was going to sit there and read my book and listen to the waves but since it was raining and not very nice I decided to leave.
The lifeguard tower at mooloolaba

On monday I went to Montville with Pru. Her parents own the clock shop there. It is just a little one street town in the hills. There was a candy store there where you could watch them while they made the candy. It smelled amazing in that store. We ate lunch with some of Pru's family at a little cafe. The most exciting part of the whole day was that I found sour patch kids in the chocolate shop. The first place I have seen them in Australia. They don't have sour candy like we do at home.....
My guitar

On tuesday I went to Australia Zoo for a few hours. If any of you have heard of Steve Irwin.....that was his zoo. I watched a little show with birds, snakes and crocs. It was really neat to see. They got a volunteer at the beginning of the show to demonstrate a snake bite (pretend of course).....the only problem was that the lady was scared of the snakes. Though the snakes wheren't moving and there were tons of people in there. Anyways they got her on the stretcher after the showed us what to do if you got bit and proceeded to throw her in to the water :) I walked through Roo Heaven where you can pet the kangaroos and wallabes. A few of the animals where hiding I think because it was raining a bit.
At Australia Zoo

Yesterday I took a walk up to the Buderim main street. I had run out of money on my phone so I had to get that. While I was up there I had a strwberry fruit chiller and a muffin at Gloria Jeans. Today I was going to drive to Noosa but I am supposed to be helping paint some timber whenever they are ready so I am saving that for another day. I went and walked on the beach for a couple hours thing morning which was was hot and the sun was shining so that always makes for a good day at the beach :)